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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

Parental Control Software

With Parental Control Software, Internet Protection Tools, Educational Software and Family Entertainment Software we've got you covered. 

NetGenie Wireless RouterInternet Filtering HARDWARE
Filter every Internet enabled device in your house with one router.  Easy install and user-level access control.  Don't rely on your bypass-able software program only on the 'kids' computer. One solution covers every computer, gaming device and iPod Touch in your home. 
Start providing complete protection for your family.

Buy Net Nanny on 3 Computers for the price of 2




Filtering Your Internet
The statistics are alarming.  Your children will probably be exposed to pornography either accidentally or on purpose.  You must protect them from becoming addicted or, even worse, experimenting. 
Use our tools to provide reporting and filtering of your computer.



IamBigBrother is an instant Spy Software download.  The product allows you to secretly monitor all incoming and outgoing email, instant messages, chats, websites and more.  Once the product is downloaded and installed, it is totally hidden, and only the you can access it.  Products of this sort are sometimes referred to as parental control software.
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Parental Control Software

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