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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

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Defiant, Disrespectful Child?

Do You Have a Defiant, Disrespectful Child?

Here’s How to Get America’s Best Selling
Child Behavior Program Free

Total Transformation on TV

Are you struggling with a child or teen with out–of–control behavior? Do you walk on eggshells around your child to avoid setting off arguments and angry outbursts? Have you tried talking, screaming, negotiating and grounding, and your child still won’t listen?

As behavioral therapists, we worked with out–of–control children for 30 years. We know what you’re going through. You’ve probably tried everything—even therapy—and nothing’s worked. You’re afraid for your kid. You need tools to fix the behavior… now. That’s why we created The Total Transformation Program.

The Step-by-Step Program
Over 200,000 Parents Use to Fix Bad Behavior

You’ve probably seen The Total Transformation on TV or heard it on the radio and wondered how it works. It’s a practical, step–by–step, how–to program you can use in your home to turn around your child’s behavior—no matter how bad it’s become.

These New Hamshire Parents Got the Program FREE You Can, Too

James gives you the exact techniques he used in his private practice with out–of–control children for decades. We’ll show you what to say and do right now to stop back talk, lying, defiance, disrespect, hitting, acting out in school and even behavior problems related to ADHD and ODD.

It’s a program that gives you, the parent, the tools that were once only available to therapists who work with children. Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How to stop any argument with your child instantly
  • The 10 words to say when your child talks back or curses at you
  • How to “stop the show” when they act out in public
  • Stop your child’s blaming. Get him to take responsibility
  • Which consequences work…and don’t work

You’ve seen it on TV.
Now get it for FREE

For a limited time, we’re offering parents the chance to get the complete Total Transformation Program for free. All you need to do is get the program today, use it with your child, then send us your feedback on how it works for you and your child. We’ll refund the purchase price of the program. You’ll keep The Total Transformation forever for free.

This Colorado Dad Got The Total Transformation FREE Why Shouldn’t You?

Why We’re Giving Away Free Programs

We’re using the feedback we’re receiving from our customers to develop more programs for parents. It’s the best product development research money can buy, and we’re willing to buy it from you. That’s why we’ll refund your purchase price if you send us your feedback. But we can only do this for a limited time, so we urge you to take us up on this offer today.

Janet Lehman, MSW Child Behavior Therapist
Janet Lehman, MSW

PS: If you’re losing sleep and getting calls from the school over your child’s behavior, it’s time to get help. We’ve found that recurring child and teen behavior problems don’t change unless parents get the right tools to fix them. The Total Transformation Program will give you the tools you need to stop the bad behavior, and a plan to get your child to listen and behave responsibly.

The Total Transformation

Janet Lehman, Child Behavior Therapist

This is My Ticket to Try This - Janet R



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